Week 7

Harvest Notes:

Most likely

Cucuzza Squash

Squash, Summer

fresh, refreshing, nutty, tender, mild, semi-sweet, savory

Squash, Winter

buttery, nutty, tender, creamy, sweet, mild, semi-sweet


bright, fresh, crunchy, crisp, sweet, refreshing



Peppers, Mild

smoky, crunchy, semi-sweet, Sweet, crisp, sweet, mild, earthy, aromatic, bright

Peppers, Hot

spicy, crunchy, powerful, semi-sweet, peppery, crisp, smoky

Peppers, Sweet

crunchy, sweet, refreshing, crisp, savory



Husk Cherry / Cape Gooseberry

Husk cherries, also commonly referred to as ground cherries or husk tomatoes, are small pale orange fruits

wrapped in a crinkly, paper-like husk. They look a little bit like small tomatillos. Their flavor is a cross between

a tomato and a pineapple.