August 17th - 20th

Harvest Notes:

Most likely

Squash, Winter

buttery, nutty, tender, creamy, sweet, mild, semi-sweet

Peppers, Mild

smoky, crunchy, semi-sweet, Sweet, crisp, sweet, mild, earthy, aromatic, bright

Peppers, Hot

spicy, crunchy, powerful, semi-sweet, peppery, crisp, smoky


mild, pungent, powerful, crunchy, juicy, refreshing

Peppers, Sweet

crunchy, sweet, refreshing, crisp, savory




fragrant, pungent, aromatic, herbal, licorice-y, mild anise

Tomato, Cherry

tart, tangy, bright, fresh, mild, sweet, fragrant, savory



Peppers, Mild


The leaves are usually bright green and oval-shaped but can vary from variety to variety.

has a fresh flavor, with a finish of black pepper and subtle anise and mint notes. Thai basil has a strong black licorice flavor

Peppers, Hot