Curcubits, Storage


Shelf Life
Storage Notes
Squash, Winter

quick facts

Root Cellar, Dark + Cool Area

where to store

drier (60% humidity)


50° to 60°F (10° to 15°C)


Special notes

Winter squash, pumpkins, and Bottle Gourds. These thick-skinned beauties have a lot of storage potential when properly set up.


Storage PRocess

  • Wrap or store in a dry french terry bag.

  • Store in a breathable container or vented.

  • actually need slightly warmer conditions to keep their texture. So, they can be kept in a dry basement or closet in the home, which is below room temperature

  • Squash needs to be cured before storage - leave stems intact and cure for two weeks to dry and harden the skin before storing. Sweet potatoes need to be cured at a high temperature (80°–90°F; 26°–32°C) for 5-10 days before storing and don’t let them drop below 50°F (10°C) in storage.

  • Will last longer if they aren’t piled up too much and have good air circulation.

Storage life

can be a few weeks to months.

Post Storage