April 10th-November 1st

Live in the city and want to save money on delivery? 

new in 2021: We will have a curbside or walk-up pick-up site for Saint Louis residents.

Plus - if you are a CSA member, you get a discount on your share price when you choose pick-up.


Where is the Pick-up Site?

We will have two locations to pick up your groceries or share

Tower Grove



April 10 - November 6

8am - 12:30pm

A beautiful, historic park in the heart of saint Louis. wear a mask + Come pick up your groceries or CSA share from our tent or text us and we will bring your groceries/share to your car!




May 2 - October 31

9am - 1pm

Right across the street from the galleria, this market is located in Richmond Heights - conveniently located near highway 40 +highway 170 


how do I  pick up my groceries/share?



We will text you the night before and morning of market to confirm your pick-up time.


We require you give us a estimated pick-up time within the market hours *listed above*.

We do not allow pick-ups before or after market hours.


when you have arrived

text "im here"

We will reply when you can come pick up your order at our tent (Due to physical distancing guidelines, we ask that you wait until you get your confirmation text to enter the  tent, as we are committed to keeping our community safe)

If you are choosing curbside pick-up - please text us Before  you arrive and we will direct you where to wait as we bring your order to you *TBD* 


Tent pick-up

there will be a table where we will place your groceries/share.

For Our communities safety during the pandemic, please follow these guidelines:

do not approach the table when there is another person picking up their groceries/share.

Your bags will be clearly labeled. Please grab only the bags that have your name on them. 

we will have a slip detailing your order. 


Curbside pick-up

Please have your trunk open or direct us on  where you would like us to place your groceries/share.

We can also step back and allow you to load your own groceries + retrieve the wagon after you are safely in your vehicle