Produce CSA

Join our CSA program, and you will be a part of our mission to nourish the earth and its beautiful biodiversity.

What is a CSA?

On our farm - we don't grow vegetables you would find in the grocery store.

Our mission is to introduce you to and preserve the kaleidoscope of the unknown, heirloom, fun, and rare varieties of produce. 


We are pretty unconventional people ourselves, so we appreciate vegetables that share that quality with us, along with many other desirable attributes like vigor, flavor, nutrient density, and beauty.

For Example:

 You aren't going to find run-of-the-mill sweet bell peppers; instead, you might find the curvy, curly sweet Italian peppers famed for their flavor.

No classic red beefsteak tomatoes here -we love their lesser-known cousins like the tropical-flavored cape gooseberry or the deep blue cherry tomatoes - plus they grow more happily on our farm and take considerably less labor.

Orange carrots? Must have them, but that also means getting a mix of purples, reds, and yellows as well.

You will learn about the next big superfood, explore the diaspora of Asian Greens, and get to hear these beautiful vegetables' stories.

If you want classic, ordinary vegetables that look like what you'd find at the grocery store - this is not the CSA for you.


No judgment from us. We totally understand.


We don't want to compete with conventional, average farmers and be a part of the extinction of these underappreciated produce varieties.

We want to preserve the history and beauty of all of the foods passed down through the centuries.

We believe that biodiversity is the most significant safeguard against the rapidly-changing climate crisis. Being focused on being as autonomous as possible - and becoming more self-sufficient and fertile every day while supporting and growing the soil life we all depend.

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how does it work?

CSA's are joined in the planning season (fall and winter) 

we make the necessary purchases of supplies, seeds, and equipment for the upcoming year


We begin our crop planning - allowing us to design our growing season with better accuracy.

Beginning in April-October

You will receive a box of freshly harvested produce every other week. 

You can either pick them up from the farm, the farmers market or get contactless delivery to your home.

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What is in the box?

The box may contain - 

  • root vegetables (radishes, carrots, beets, etc.)

  • leafy vegetables (kale, lettuce, greens, etc.)

  • fruiting vegetables (gooseberries, sweet peas, cucamelons, etc.)

  • culinary herbs (parsley, thyme, oregano, basil, etc.)

  • tea/medicinal herbs (chamomille flowers, tulsi, monarda, lemon balm, etc.)

Our 2022 CSA program will run from April - October.


Receiving a box every other week means you will receive approximately 16 boxes total throughout the season.