Heritage Chicken Eggs, Organic

Heritage Chicken Eggs, Organic

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Certified Organic.



100% non-GMO.

We Love Heritage Breeds.



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    Pullet - Medium ^55g (^1.95oz) higher yolk:white ratio perfect for poached eggs. The most colorful dozens. It's got it all - brown, chocolate, speckled, blue, green. Those Instagrammable egg cartons. 


    Large - X-Large 56-66g (2.33oz) Your standard egg size. Colors are mostly cream, brown, + speckled - with the occasional blue/green.


    X-Large - Jumbo 67-71+g (2.5+oz) the big 'uns. If you need that fritatta QUICK and don't have time for games. The very essence of the phrase "thicccc". Colors are mostly brown + cream, with the occasional speckled.

  • DIET

    Our ladies are fed 100% non-GMO, Certified Organic Feed.

    They are also given farm-fermented grain. This process maximizes nutrient availability + promotes a healthy gut microbiome - which is essential in keeping our hens healthy.

    Since they are moved onto fresh Certified Organic Pasture weekly, and have unrestricted daylight access, they also forage for insects, grasses, wild medicinals, and grains. This is not only beneficial for their diet, but is essential for their mental and physical health. Their eggs reflect the seasonal changes + it is something we are proud to share.

    We also supplement their diet with crop residues, weeds, + pests. Introducing enrichment activities, such as branches + straw bales, also offers foraging benefits.


    Our hens are given unrestricted daylight access to Certified Organic Pasture.

    Their houses are moved daily, and they are given a fresh pasture every 7-15 days *(Weather + Soil Dependent)

    We have a mixture of wild and managed pasture, with a diverse mix of plants + insects varying between each pasture. This allows for our hens to forage throughout the day, eating a variety of insects, grasses, seeds, grains, and herbs. Their deep yellow yolks reflect the diversity of their diet.

    Birds are housed in humane-built housing. This means the wood is untreated and sealed with a mixture of linseed oil, and beewax. The A-frame allows for freedom of movement/flight + airflow. 

    Daily, before moving the house we spray down + remove any debris on the perches or nest boxes. We then move the houses onto a fresh patch of pasture. This means our girls are on freshly cleaned perches + nest boxes daily, and helps us reduce the amount of harsh chemicals needed on-farm. This also allows for our soil to properly absorb the chickens debris, fertilizing our land + helps keep our hen houses fresh and smelling great!


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