Heritage Chicken Eggs, Organic

Heritage Chicken Eggs, Organic

SKU: 364215376135191
Certified Organic.
100% non-GMO.
We Love Heritage Breeds.

We have a limited stock of eggs through winter — so we will be selling mixed sized dozens. All dozens will be weighed collectively to the standard large dozen (24 oz.).

Sizes and colors vary. 
  • Pullet - Medium ^55g (^1.95oz) higher yolk:white ratio perfect for poached eggs. The most colorful dozens. It's got it all - brown, chocolate, speckled, blue, green. Those Instagrammable egg cartons. 


    Large - X-Large 56-66g (2.33oz) Your standard egg size. Colors are mostly cream, brown, + speckled - with the occasional blue/green.


    X-Large - Jumbo 67-71+g (2.5+oz) the big 'uns. If you need that fritatta QUICK and don't have time for games. The very essence of the phrase "thicccc". Colors are mostly brown + cream, with the occasional speckled.

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