Green Butterhead, Loose, Organic

Green Butterhead, Loose, Organic

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Each order = enough lettuce for 1 full-sized salad * ( +/- quarter pound).



Sold in loose form, washed. Harvested night before/day of delivery for maximum shelf life. 



larger amounts are packaged in the same bag. 



*subject to individual.


    Butterhead is the classic salad green everyone loves. 

    It's texure is true to the name - with a silky, buttery texture and sweet flavor. Stands up well to most dressings, ideal for salad wraps.


    Nursery Media: Vermont Composting Co. Potting Mix


    Soil: Grown on Missouri Clay Loam



    • Premium Gold OMRI-Listed Compost - St. Louis Compost Co.
    • Alfalfa Meal
    • Greensand
    • Worm Castings

    Since we grow our salads in the ground - We wash our greens after harvest to remove any field residue + debris. This also extends shelf life.


    We reccomend you rinse + spin your greens as soon as you receive them this allows you to preserve the nutrients best. make sure to use cool water and to spin dry. Store loosly in an airtight container.


    The butterhead varieties we currently grow are

    Tennis Ball


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