The pandemic has given us all a bit of cabin fever. Why not take a drive out to the country and pick-up your produce directly from our farm

We are pleased to offer on-farm pick-up. Step out and take a *socially-distanced stroll, or give some treats to our hens**

Plus - if you are a CSA member, you get a discount on your share price when you choose pick-up.

Mon - Wed: 10am-8pm



*We ask that when you accept your share in-person or visit our farmyou wear a face covering and maintain social distancing.

Let us know you are on your way 

give us at least a 15 min heads-up when you will be arriving.

If you want to visit our farm, please let us know beforehand as we are following CDC guidelines and have a limit on number of visitors allowed on the farm.

Follow the signs

to our pick-up spot located behind our farm building. 

Let us know you've arrived 

text the number provided.

Pick up your groceries 

we will have a table set up on which we will set your groceries. If you open your trunk, we can set your groceries inside your vehicle

** please do not bring treats for our hens. If you would like to feed them, we will provide a sanitized bucket filled with organic treats/feed and we ask that you remain outside of their electric fencing and do not try to touch them. Poultry can get sick from our germs, so we want to do our best to maintain their healthy environment.