aromatic, herbal, bright, fresh, pungent, grassy, slight lemon


prep tips

For a more professional texture, take the time to remove the stems from the leaves.

You can save the stems in a dedicated veggie freezer bag for future stock use.

Pro-tip: when using herbs in your stocks or broths, DO NOT add them during the cooking process - instead, add them into your fine mesh strainer that you plan on straining your stock through. When you pour the hot stock over the herbs, it gently blooms them (think of tea), releasing their flavor without overcooking the fragrant oils.

Don't mercilessly chop/hammer away at them with a knife if you want your herbs to last longer and look better. Instead - take the time to try to get the size you wish to the first go around - so that you go through your herbs only 1 (chiffonade) to 2 (small dice) times.


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storage notes:

storage methods
Where to Store

Shelf life
Long term/preservation

3-5 days





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