Cucuzza Squash

Cucuzza, or "Gagootz," is a gorgeous Sicilian heirloom squash that is a staple in many Italian households. Firm, sweet flesh can handle soups and grilling without turning into mush!



prep tips

If larger, peel the skin and remove any immature seeds. 

Otherwise, cook the same ways you would cook regular squash.


cooking tips + recipes

Some cut the Cucuzza down the middle and scoop out the flesh to make a savory stuffing.

Traditionally it is used in a soup, with beef and tomatoes.


storage notes:

Store in cool, shady part of kitchen or cut into sections and put in ziplocks to go in fridge.

storage methods
Where to Store

Breathable Container, Crisper Drawer, countertop, Refrigerator

Shelf life
Long term/preservation

1 week





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