A classic that needs no introduction.

This beautiful root comes in a variety of colors - from purple to yellow to orange


sweet, crisp, earthy, crunchy, fresh, bright


prep tips

Use. The. Greens!

they are not only delicious but they are also good for you! Pestos, salads, garnishes, oh my!

Make sure to scrub, not peel, your carrots.


cooking tips + recipes

my favorite way to eat carrots is to simply roast them whole with some fresh herbs, butter, and salt.

Most of the times you dont need to peel organic, fresh carrots, simply giving them a good scrub down with a terry cloth towel or vegetable brush is enough to remove the dirt.

But there are a million amazing recipes out there! Check out our pinterest board for more inspiration.


storage notes:

storage methods
Where to Store

Refrigerator, Crisper Drawer, High Humidity

Shelf life
Long term/preservation

1-3 weeks (roots), around a week (tops)





varieties we grow

Napoli, Purple Haze, Yellowstone, Deep Purple, Purple Elite



Carrots, Roots, Vegetables, Spring