Beans, Fava


creamy, hearty, savory, earthy


prep tips

shell just before using for maximum shelf life. Here's a video to show you this process.

  • Open fava bean pods along the seams on each side as you would a string bean.

  • Then put the beans in boiling, salted water for 30-90 seconds, drain and shock in ice water (to stop further cooking). Slice the whitish skin around each bean with a fingernail and pop out the bean.


cooking tips + recipes

Early fava beans will be pale green and smooth podded. Small fava beans (2-3")are tender and sweet. You can eat them raw or cooked shelled or pod and all. Medium-sized favas can be shelled and used fresh like English peas. Cook them quickly in a bit of water or lightly steam them and serve with butter. They are suitable for shelling when the pods are plump.


storage notes:

Beans like humidity, but not wetness. A damp cloth draped over an open or loosely closed container or storing unwashed beans in a breathable bag (perforated plastic, french terry, furoshiki) in the veggie bin of your fridge for up to 1 week.

storage methods
Where to Store

Refrigerator, Medium Humidity, Breathable Container

Shelf life
Long term/preservation

Unshelled beans can be stored in the refrigerator for around ten days.





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