A member of the brassica family, arugula leaves are a deep green color, with some varieties being lobed and others having full rounded edges.


peppery, spicy, crisp, semi-sweet, savory


prep tips

  • remove any withered or yellowed leaves

  • before using give a nice wash using your salad spinner and cold water.

  • spin until dry


cooking tips + recipes

commonly consumed raw in salads but can be a healthy addition to pizzas, pasta, nachos, sandwiches, pesto, and wraps. 

It is terrific sautéed as well. 

It loses a bit of its peppery taste when cooked and becomes more mellow.


storage notes:

storage methods
Where to Store

High Humidity, Crisper Drawer, Refrigerator, Sealed Container

Shelf life
Long term/preservation

3-8 days





varieties we grow

Astro, Esmee



Brassica, Greens, Spring, Fall