Do you love fresh eggs? So do we.

Our Egg CSA means you'll be directly supporting our biodiverse flock and joining us in our mission to create a self-sustaining and vibrant farm.

What is a CSA?

On our farm - we believe that happy, healthy hens make delicious eggs.

Our mission is to provide our hens with the very best lifestyle that honors their natural cycles + lets them live their lives as close to nature as possible while still providing them with everything they need to live a fulfilling and enriched life.


By giving our chickens an enriching life, they provide us with a multicolored variety of eggs bursting with flavor and nutrient density. 



For Example:

Our hens get to enjoy fresh pasture every week, and their housing moves daily. This practice of constantly rotating their field means our birds get a diversity of foraging throughout the year.


Instead of a 100% bagged diet, our birds get access to Organic feed AND a diversely planted pasture filled with bugs, seeds, grasses, greens, fruits, and more! They also get crop residues or vegetables that don't meet our standards - which ensures a wide variety of nutrients and enriching activities for them to enjoy.


You won't get a carton of eggs filled with eggs that are all precisely the same size and color. We love showcasing the broad spectrum of the egg world. We will fill your carton with all the sizes and colors we can fit in, from small-jumbo+ and colors ranging from cool blues, mossy greens to warm speckled browns. 


If you want a classic carton of identical eggs, this is not the program for you.


We don't want to compete with conventional, average farmers and be a part of the extinction of these underappreciated breeds of chickens and ducks.

We want to preserve the history and beauty of the breeds passed down and perfected through the centuries.

We believe that biodiversity in our flocks is the most significant safeguard against the rapidly-changing climate crisis. We are focusing on making our farm a bird's paradise and, through that, a self-sustaining ecosystem for our family and community.

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how does it work?

CSA's are joined in the planning season (fall and winter) 

we make the necessary purchases of feed, supplements, birds, and housing supplies for the upcoming year. We also build or repair new mobile housing for when the flock has moved out of the brooder


We begin our foraging and rotation planning - allowing us to ensure that our flock has a solid supply of foraging, shade, enriching activities and that the soil has enough time to recharge throughout the year.


Beginning in April-October

You will receive freshly harvested eggs every other week. 

You can either pick them up from the farm, the farmers market or get contactless delivery to your home.


What is in the box?

Our Egg CSA can contain either

1 dozen chicken eggs


6-pack duck eggs


Receiving a box every other week means you will receive approximately 16 boxes total throughout the season.