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Worm Castings

Do you sometimes wish you had a legion of little helpers making your plants happier and healthier?

Want to boost your plants' growth without resorting to toxic fertilizers?

Amending your garden in a sustainable, organic way can feel overwhelming - especially when the garden stores are chock-full of quick fixes, snake oil, and chemicals.

To add insult to injury, most organic amendments you can make at home are time-consuming, require equipment, and can feel more like science experiments gone wrong than natural gardening.

A natural, organic amendment that is safe to use.

Since worm castings are a finished & stabilized compost, they are non-burning and safe for you, your animals, and your plants. They are odorless but can have a faint aroma of petrichor (the sweet smell of earth after a rain). You can use them indoors, outdoors, in-ground, or in pots.

Inoculate your soil with beneficial microbes.

A healthy soil ecosystem supports vibrant plants. Castings are bursting with microbes, enzymes, humusand earthworm cocoons - all inoculate your soil where they will live happily, providing nutrients to your plants.

Help improve your plants' resilience + vigor. Help struggling plants heal.

No organic garden amendment gets closer to magic than earthworm castings.

An all-purpose restorative soil medicine - worm castings have a beneficial microbiome that promotes a plant's immune system. It can aid in recovery from heat, disease, and pest stress and build resilience to future stressors.


Locally-made, freshly-harvested worm castings are superior to anything you would find in stores. It is the most biologically active, loaded with indigenous microbes - adapted to your unique climate, and significantly aids your soil's health. 

To supercharge our castings and provide habitat for beneficial microorganisms, we add biochar + rice hulls which add a whole host of their own benefits to your soil.



Slow-release fertilizer.


No smell + safe to handle.

Builds soil structure.

Beneficial microbial inoculant.

Attracts native earthworms.

Supports vitality of indigenous microorganisms.


Increased drought resistance

Retains soil moisture

Improves soil aeration

Increased disease resistance

Reduces leaching of nutrients

Increased plant vitality and resilience

Higher Yields

Aids in recovery from transplant shock and other stressors

Inoculates your soil with beneficial microbes


1.5# = $4
5# = $10
20# = $25
*larger quantities available by email request*

How To Work Worm Magic

1. Get your hands on some worm castings (don't worry, it's safe to touch) and decide how you will use your "gold" supply.

You have options when it comes to using your castings. We recommend using them in your soil as soon as possible, providing your soil and plants with the highest population of beneficial microbes.

2. Apply!

Potted Plants

Add 1-5 Tablespoons around each container plant stem and water it in.


Apply a 1-3" layer across your garden bed. You can plant seeds directly in this or mix into the top 1" of soil.

Worm Tea

Like kombucha for your garden, brew for 24-48 hours, constantly aerating with an air stone and pump. (Filter brew before applying to reduce clogs).


Add a 1/4 cup to each hole before planting.

3. Watch the magic happen.

Reapply castings seasonally or as much as you'd like. Up to 40% of your soil can be worm castings, but a little goes a long way! You should see results soon after the castings inoculate your plant's root zone.