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Online Consulting (Garden/Flock)

Finding your way in organic gardening and poultry-keeping can be overwhelming. Most of us learn as we go, and it can be intimidating even to know where to begin.

From the endless googling to scrolling through forum after forum, it can be hard to discern helpful advice from clickbait "hacks."

It is easy to slip into overspending on tools, the latest trend, or trying to do too much in one go, which wastes your time, energy, and enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, many people don't have a homie or a wise granny they can call for help, a quick question, or an explanation of a confusing process.

Save time, money, headaches, and heartbreaks.

Losing plants or a flock member is devastating, especially if it could have been avoided. We unknowingly overlook the unfamiliar warning signs, putting our precious plant babies or birds on a collision course with disaster.

Get help troubleshooting problems and all of your questions answered.'

Whether you need a quick question answered or want help every step of the way - I am here to help you gain the knowledge you need to thrive. We can work together to brainstorm solutions to an issue or diagnose a struggling plant.

Access valuable resources, custom worksheets, and infographics

Creating a custom profile of your garden or flock is crucial to thriving. As someone who has done a LOT of research and education, I can say that no two setups are the same and should be treated as uniquely as they are. Infographics and ID sheets have been my savior in learning more about my garden, flock, and the ecosystem surrounding us.


Let's work together to help your garden, flock, and ecosystem thrive naturally! 

Get personalized assistance with your garden or flock. Whether you are still in the planning stages or need advice on an already established project - I am here to help you and yours thrive!

Specializing in organic, regenerative, biodynamic, and sustainable practices - I believe that working with nature and her cycles rather than trying to conquer her is the path to true healing and sustainability. I continually research the latest studies and learn about forgotten ancestral methods of replenishing soil health.




- Answers to questions, explanations, and assistance in diagnosing or troubleshooting.

- Receive resources, guides, and worksheets to learn more and help resolve your issues.

- Receive a complimentary follow-up to reassess and discuss future steps towards thriving.

- Guidance at every stage of your journey.

- After the session, you will receive a copy of the issues, potential solutions examined, and any supporting resources discussed.

- It can be via phone call/video/chat/email - or a combination.


- Have a specific question you need to be answered?

- Perfect for getting clarification on a confusing issue.

- Explanations and breakdowns of complex systems and how they apply to you.

- Resources to learn more!


Personalized advice for your unique situation/issue.

Learn from someone who has been through it and has made similar mistakes.

Gain knowledge that would usually only be available through personal experience.

Avoid common pitfalls of many gardeners.


One-on-one personalized organic garden/poultry online consulting session with resources + worksheets.

- 15 minutes = $30
- Half Hour = $55
- Hour = $100

Ask Me Anything - get an answer to your burning question and receive valuable resources to dive deeper.

- Question = $5

Fill out the form below to schedule your session or ask your question!

We will get back to you as quickly as possible. Questions are first-come, first-serve. If the matter is urgent, please let me know.

Get your answers

I ensure that my advice is well-researched, and I will share any relevant sources. if you are purchasing a consult session - we will go in-depth with these answers to brainstorm a plan of action as well as build worksheets and guides.

Put those answers to the test

You have your answer - now it's up to you to use the knowledge to the best of your ability. We are here for you every step - if you have any follow-up questions or issues, repeat this process :).