what are the benefits?

joining our csa means not only do you get a box of freshly harvested produce directly from our small, local, organic produce - but you also get a ton of other perks like:

members only discounts

We know that leading a healthy lifestyle can be expensive,. which is why, in addition to the 15%+ discounted produce that members receive in their shares , we also offer 10-15% off any additional produce that add to their weekly box.

Members also receive exclusive discounts on eggs, broilers, and special surplus discounts.

supporting your local farmer =

By joining our CSA,  you are directly supporting our small , woman -owned, family-run, Organic farm! 


You allow us to buy crucial supplies, such as seed + compost.

This allows us to customize our growing schedule to bring you a diverse array of nutrient-dense, heirloom/rare varieties of produce throughout the year.

Buying from local farms means  strengthening our region's food security + keeps money within our local economy

Improve your health

Did you know that only  9.3 % of Americans eat enough vegetables?

We are committed to increasing that statistic in our community.


Because studies show that a lifestyle filled with healthy vegetables is one of the best things to do for your health + well-being:

  • Reducing your risk of chronic disease + cancer such as depression, heart diesease, diabetes, and some forms of cancers (such as colon, breast, and prostate).

  • Improves your gut health, resulting in easier digestion, stronger immune system. Plants contain fiber, which is a crucial component to a healthy gut microbiome

  • plants contain essential nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, and phytochemicals that are easily digestible and that cannot be found in other foods or supplements. 


A CSA box filled with staples and new discoveries might seem a bit daunting - which is why we are making sure to provide all the knowledge you need to enjoy your CSA to it's fullest

One of the biggest requests we received in our first CSA season was recipes, meal prep ideas, and storage tips. 

Our mission is to continually improve our CSA member experience, so we will be working hard to build our archives in order to make sure you have all the tools and knowledge to create some amazing meals.


most meals in the US travel 1,500+ miles from farm to plate

We are committed to reducing that statistic.

By supporting our farm, we are able to continue improving our regenerative agricultural practices - which goes above and beyond the stringent Certified Organic standards.

Buying local means you are reducing the distance your food travels.

support + promote biodiversity

We are focused on not only preserving and promoting heirloom varieties of produce and raising heritage poultry breeds, but also retaining their cultural history + stories.


Because biodiversity is strength. Much like in our society, when there is a monoculture, there is weakness.

Our collective ancestors have been tending to the earth and breeding new varieties into life for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Honoring that tradition of husbandry is sacred + is something we strive towards every day.

By joining our CSA, you allow us to continue our mission of biodiversity - growing and saving unusual and rare crops, while also learning their role in society and your dinner plate.

preserving history

Food has always been at the center of our history.


We are living in a time dominated by conventional agriculture, with it's reliance on chemicals and its damaging effect on soils + our health. In a constantly changing climate, it has never been more important to preserve our biodiversity.

With protecting that diversity, we also preserve the cultural heritage and stories behind our foods.

By raising heritage breeds of poultry and growing heirloom/rare varieties of produce, we continue the sacred tradition and stories that accompany these endangered foods. Stewarding these foods as so many have done before me, for the next generation.

Throughout the year I will be sharing these stories in hopes of inspiring more to grow these forgotten foods.