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We are a small, family-owned and operated farm.

A team of first-generation farmers who are continually improving their methods at growing sustainable and delicious foods.

We also offer education to better reconnect our community with their environment.


Good food takes work. 

We, as humans, should do everything in our power to support the soil life that sustains and nourishes us.

Our focus is on positively impacting our community, soil, and ecosystem.

I want to educate as many people as possible on how to reconnect with nature through food.


Create a positive environment for ourselves, our animals, and our ecosystem.

We use hand tools to accomplish most tasks - reducing our reliance on equipment and fossil fuels.

Education is integral to selling nutrient-dense, sustainably-grown food.

The more people who learn how to grow plants, the better.


Maria Marshall (she/they)

Farmer. Educator. Garden and flock consultant. 

I adore tiny plants and worms. Passionate about educating as many people as possible on how to grow things, no matter how small.

Marisa Marshall (she/her)

Founder. Senior Horse Caretaker. Unstoppable Force.

She loves all things chocolate and black licorice. She Founded the farm alongside my dad and is an integral part of its structure and spirit.

Michael McManus (he/him)

Farmer. Wildlife specialist and on-farm habitat management. He loves birdwatching and walking the treeline—Jack of all trades on the farm and resident muscle. He began helping Maria on the farm during the pandemic and now works full-time.

Douglas Marshall (he/him)

Master Craftsman. Chief strategist. He enjoys all things woodworking and appreciates a fine cigar. He created all of our structures on the farm and is constantly evolving his designs.  

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