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Growing this farm alongside our family is one of the best adventures I've ever been on.

It all started with my grandpa "retiring" from the restaurant game and buying a piece of land out in Wright City, MO. The soil being heavy clay loam, and with a tributary to Peruque creek - the land was an empty canvas on which my grandpa created his dream home. This involved grading huge tracts of pasture (scraping away what little topsoil there was), digging a pond, building a barn, planting trees that are still growing alongside us, and adding beautiful stone tables + lanterns. Although he wasn't a farmer, his property was a beautiful, sprawling estate that many people mistook it for a park. . 

My mother began the process of converting this conventionally-managed park-style estate to a Certified Organic Market Garden back in the early 2010's. Inspired by the movement to small scale agriculture, ma began the arduous paperwork in order to live her dream as a self-sufficient farmer.

Back then, the waiting list for St. Louis area farmers markets were filled to the brim with potential farmers, and since our farm was still in the early transition period and not fully certified - our chances to make the cut were slim.

Luckily, my parents being lifelong entrepreneurs + successful small business owners, decided that it was best to get our foot in the door at farmers markets, so that when the farm was fully certified, we would have an easier time of being able to vend at the market. My father, Doug, gathering inspiration from his childhood memories of the legendary tamale man who sold tamales out of a cart in North City, decided to pitch the idea of selling hot tamales to the market managers. *you can listen to more of the story here! my dad was interviewed for Meet St. Louis Episode #71* and voila! The Tamale Man is now a market staple and became the farm's first customer.

Beginning with peppers, squash, tomatillos, and sweet potatoes (all featured in your favorite tamales), my parents also started pasture-raising chicken for meat.

As the farm grew, I began helping out in my spare time. Working two jobs + going to school part-time, I didn't have much time to spare, yet the more I studied and every time I clocked in - I missed the farm. To be on the front lines - actively participating in changing the biggest contributor to environmental degradation, is one of the most fulfilling endeavors. Instead of talking about the horrors of climate change in the classroom or with my coworkers, farming in harmony with the earth felt more impactful than anything else I could do. 

After my niece, Isa, was born - I decided to begin transitioning to a farming career.

In 2019, we finally participated in our first farmers market. It was a year of learning, growth, and hard work. We had so much fun meeting market goers, hanging out with our fellow vendors, and spending our Saturdays showing all of the new produce we were growing.

The more I learned about farming and it's history, the cultivation the

2020 is my first year farming full-time, and while this year is certainly not what I expected - we are doing our best to concentrate on growing the very best that we can + providing for our community. 

We look forward to continuing to promote biodiversity in our soil + preserve heirloom produce + pasture-raise heritage poultry.

We now offer Contactless Pick-Up + Contactless Delivery. 

Meet The Team

being a close-knit family, everyone contributes to our farm, helps with big projects + supports our mission in so many ways. 

Rachael, Bryan, isa, v, John Alexis, Leeanna, reece, brenden, natalie, chloe, rudy, kelsea, theo + Hailey.

Marisa Marshall

Founder/Horse whisperer

60. Spends all her time outside and/or with her family.


Has countless projects ongoing at all times. Loves all things chocolate.

Marisa founded the farm and is an integral part of it's mission. Marisa has always loved to grow and enjoy nature, so she made sure that how she grew had a positive, rather than negative effect on her local ecosystem.

 She is now handing the reins over to Maria + will spend 2021 enjoying more time with her grandchildren + having new adventures 

dad staining wood .JPG

Douglas Marshall

Master Builder + Chief Strategist

62. Enjoys all things woodworking - jack of all trades. Can be found enjoying a nice cigar.

A builder of all structures on the farm, from our mobile chicken tractors to our high tunnels. His vast knowledge is crucial to the efficiency + smooth operation of the farm

Maria Marshall

Lead Farmer 

26. Loves baby/mini vegetables + getting hands  dirty.

Runs the farm alongside mom, Marisa. Passionate about educating their community on the values of organic agriculture and how supporting regenerative agriculture can be one of the most positively impactful acts you can do.

Michael McManus

Farmer/wildlife management 

29. Loves exploring the woods + connecting with nature.

Maria's partner + an avid outdoorsman. Passionate about returning native species to our land + supporting as diverse of an ecosystem as possible on our farm. This wonderful human wears many hats on the farm from broadforking to delivery driver extraordinaire.