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A young farmer on a mission to leave the earth better than i found it. As a homeschooled kid running through the woods outside my house, I began this journey, awed by and in love with nature. Through my childhood heroes, I realized the challenge of doing everything in my power to preserve and heal our relationship with the earth. As a restaurant kid, I know that good food has so much power in our lives. 

I share my passion for nature and stewardship of the land with my mother, Marisa, who founded the farm. She began and is still creating a small chunk of paradise for our family, community, and local wildlife through her hard work and determination. 

My father, Doug, is a master craftsman. He builds, improves, and innovates all of our farm structures. His years as a professional Cook + restaurant owner are invaluable to our journey to grow food that is good for your body, is delicious, and nourishes your mind.

Michael, my partner, is a passionate outdoorsman + conservationist. With his help, we create a positive relationship with local and migrating wildlife to ensure that our farm is a haven for numerous species such as crawfish, great blue herons, frogs, toads, + so many more. His enthusiasm for protecting our wild neighbors is an indispensable asset to our farm + community as a whole.

Thank you so much for your interest + support of our mission. By caring about how our food choices affect our planet + community as a whole - we can truly change the world - Maria. 

Meet The Team


Marisa Marshall

Founder/Horse whisperer

60. Spends all her time outside and/or with her family.


Has countless projects ongoing at all times. Loves all things chocolate.

Marisa founded the farm and is an integral part of it's mission. Marisa has always loved to grow and enjoy nature, so she made sure that how she grew had a positive, rather than negative effect on her local ecosystem.

 She is now handing the reins over to Maria + will spend 2021 enjoying more time with her grandchildren + having new adventures 

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Douglas Marshall

Master Builder + Chief Strategist

62. Enjoys all things woodworking - jack of all trades. Can be found enjoying a nice cigar.

A builder of all structures on the farm, from our mobile chicken tractors to our high tunnels. His vast knowledge is crucial to the efficiency + smooth operation of the farm


Maria Marshall

Lead Farmer 

26. Loves baby/mini vegetables + getting hands  dirty.

Runs the farm alongside mom, Marisa. Passionate about educating their community on the values of organic agriculture and how supporting regenerative agriculture can be one of the most positively impactful acts you can do.


Michael McManus

Farmer/wildlife management 

29. Loves exploring the woods + connecting with nature.

Maria's partner + an avid outdoorsman. Passionate about returning native species to our land + supporting as diverse of an ecosystem as possible on our farm. This wonderful human wears many hats on the farm from broadforking to delivery driver extraordinaire.