Our Flock

We focus on raising a biodiverse flock filled with heritage, rare, and unusual breeds of chicken and duck. Our birds are raised on pasture and help do their part in enriching our soil, reducing pest + disease pressure, and providing delicious eggs + meat.

quick Facts

Is your flock pasture-raised? yes - they are on Certified Organic pasture and moved onto fresh pasture every week or two, depending on weather and quality of any given pasture. their houses are moved daily within the pasture.

are they given grain? yes they are given Certified Organic Feed to supplement their diet. we make sure at least half of their feed needs are met with a diversely-planted pasture.

Are they given any supplements? they are given organic Icelandic kelp, azomite (trace minerals), oyster shells (calcium), and red granite (a source of grit to help them process their food)


Our Chicken Breeds

We love experimenting with heritage breeds along with unusual and rare breeds.

Americanas {U}(G)(B)(BR): A mix breed between araucanas and ameraucanas. active foragers. for deep honey yellow yolks 

Barred Plymouth Rock {H}(BR) an American heritage breed (pictured left) 

Black Australorp {H}(BR): An Australian breed known for its heartiness and vigor. This beautiful black bird holds the record for most eggs laid in a year.

Sage Egger {R}(G)An rare breed from Alchemist Farms. Lays dark green eggs that may or may not have dark brown speckles

Silver Lakenvelder {H}(W)An ancient Dutch breed from holland. Its ancestors were brought to the region by Jewish immigrants in 1 a.d.

Starlight Green Egger {U}(G)An unusual breed that lays reliably green-olive eggs.

Welsummer {H}(DBR)(S) an Dutch heritage breed from the town of Welsum, Holland. Lays dark to speckled eggs and is probably the fastest chicken in the flock.

(G) GREEN(B) BLUE | (BR) Brown | (W) White | (DBR) Dark Brown | (S) Speckled |

{H} Heritage

{R} Rare

{U} Unusual

Our Duck Breeds

Cayuga a heritage breed that lays granite-colored to gray eggs. Said to be one of the hardiest breeds of duck. originated in 1850's in Orange County, New York

Khaki Campbell Adele Campbell of Gloucestershire, England, developed this breed late in the 1800s. The Khaki Campbell  is one of the few in the APA to have been recognized to havebeen bred by a woman.

swedish Blue/Black/Gray lore holds that blue colored ducks are hardy, superior meat producers, and difficult for predators to see, making this duck popular in Europe for centuries. First reported in Pomerania in 1835, which at that time was part of the Kingdom of Sweden, but today straddles northeast Germany and Northwest Poland

Welsh Harlequin originating in the 1940's from two mutant light-colored ducklings hatched from pure Khaki Campbells by Leslie Bonnet, a duck breeder living near Criccieth, Wales. a beautiful white with dark wing plumage.