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Nourish your body + the planet

Nourishing your body shouldn't come at the cost of the planet.

The impact of our plate on the environment cannot be understated.

Whether buying locally or learning to care for your patch of soil (no matter how small), we can all begin to heal our connection to the earth.

Eat locally-grown, nutrient-dense foods forgotten by industrial agriculture.

We offer a diverse range of organic produce, herbs, and pasture-raised eggs to Eastern Missouri. Our USDA Certified Organic farm follows biodynamic, regenerative, and sustainable farming principles. We focus on promoting a healthy soil microbiome.

Learn how to build the thriving garden or flock of your dreams

From online courses and one-on-one online consulting to digital workbooks and answers to any questions you may have - I am here to help you at every stage of your gardening journey.

Feed your "micro-livestock" and transform your soil into a carbon-sequestering, biodiverse ecosystem.

Nurturing your soil not only gives you vibrant plants - it can save the world. No matter the size - from a few pots to a few acres, your soil has the potential to heal and have a thriving microbial ecosystem - to capture carbon, create fertility, and improve overall soil quality.

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Here for every stage of your nourishment journey, we are a small family-run farm dedicated to educating and reconnecting our community to the earth.

Our Offerings

Nourish your body with nutrient-dense, freshly-harvested produce & pasture-raised eggs from our small, family-run, organic farm.

Pamper your plants with biological amendments, such as biochar and worm castings, are made on-farm and utilize renewable resources- sequestering carbon and inoculating soil with beneficial microbes. 

Online self-paced courses cover common topics and pitfalls to help guide you away from disaster and toward the garden of your dreams. 

One-on-One online consulting and our "Ask Me" service help you get the answers, advice and resources you need to aid your journey into tending your soil sustainably, whether potted or in-ground. 

Guidebooks, worksheets, and digital downloads give you the tools to tackle various garden and flock issues. 

Supporting our biodiverse farm also supports beneficial and wildlife on-farm habitat installations and restoration projects.


Thank you for helping:

Support a small farmer's dreams of healing the planet.

Know where your food came from and how it was grown. 

Help build back eroded soils and restore native ecosystems. 

Aid in carbon sequestration and removal of invasive species. 

Reduce our collective carbon footprint.