Who we are

A young farmer on a mission to leave the earth better than i found it. I began this journey as a homeschooled kid running through the woods outside my house, awed by and in love with nature. Through my childhood heroes, I realized the challenge of doing everything in my power to preserve and heal our relationship with the earth. As a restaurant kid, I know that good food has so much power in our lives. 

I share my passion for nature and stewardship of the land with my mother, Marisa, who founded the farm. Through her hard work and determination, she began and is still creating a small chunk of paradise for our family, community, and local wildlife. 

My father, Doug, is a master craftsman. He builds, improves, and innovates all of our farm structures. His years as a professional Cook + restaurant owner are invaluable to our journey to grow food that is good for your body, is delicious, and nourishes your mind.

Michael, my partner, is a passionate outdoorsman + conservationist. With his help, we create a positive relationship with local and migrating wildlife to ensure that our farm is a haven for numerous species such as crawfish, great blue herons, frogs, toads, + so many more. His enthusiasm for protecting our wild neighbors is an indispensable asset to our farm + community as a whole.

Thank you so much for your interest + support of our mission. By caring about how our food choices affect our planet + community as a whole - we can truly change the world - Maria 

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